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January 1, 2019

NUAGE – New Year’s Day

As Nuage enters its 5th year of dining, drinking and dancing, we are delighted to see in 2019 with the Menagerie team for an evening of experiential dining with a certain Nuage twist.

2014 saw the emergence of day time dining, drinking and dancing on level 25 in the second city. Nuage oversaw a rapid evolvement and quickly became the most talked about brunch event in the second city (dare we say the UK)! With clientele travelling across the UK to descend upon our infamous day time parties, we developed a close affiliation with the Manchester audience, with an ever growing demand to host events in the north west.

We believe, our success is attributed three-fold. Firstly, our unrivalled party vibe: A collection of mature professionals from all walks of life, party like a collection of wild animals trapped in a festival production. Secondly, safety is paramount. All members are security checked prior to attending. A condition of the event is that all members must be accepted via our registration process. Lastly, our loyal, and ever growing following. Working alongside Menagerie and other UK industry leaders allows us to continue to serve up unrivalled day time parties. We continue to push the boundaries and think outside the box, because of our following.

Be a part of Nuage today, and tomorrow will be a story to tell. Register at

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