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It’s Important to Remember the ‘You’ Time

Being an entrepreneur and running your own business can mean that very quickly you become consumed by work and it becomes difficult to escape your own headspace.


When I’m not in Menagerie, it’s on my mind, but for all the right reasons. I might see something that will inspire me, and sometimes I’ll take a minute to step away from the madness and think about where I am now compared to two years ago. I enjoy networking and meeting like minded people. One of my favourite things about being in the hospitality industry is that you’re never short of supply in meeting interesting, sociable people. Menagerie is a place where you can get together with your friends and family, but also make and meet new friends along the way. So whenever I can, I like getting to connect and have discussions with all the other girl bosses out there on a professional and social level. It’s important for us girl bosses to have each others backs in such a male dominated industry!


After years of running businesses, I’ve come to realise that unless you take some time out, you can see your passion dwindle. Taking time out is so important to me and doing what I  enjoy ultimately helps me keep my head in the game.


My boyfriend Ben and I went to Bodrum earlier this month to spend some time together, something we haven’t done very often this summer because of our busy and clashing schedules. Sitting down and doing nothing together was brand new to both of us but I’ve got to say, it was blissful. I’ve just returned from Turkey for the second time this month, this time I went with my friends to celebrate two of my very good friends getting married.


Working in hospitality can mean my social calendar is different to all my friends but we’ve created a culture in Menagerie that they all want to visit, so I still get to spend time with them. I’ve learnt to take everything in my stride and face problems head on, and this has really helped me take time out and invest more into my personal life. If it’s been a hectic week, I find that exercise and meditation really helps with letting my imagination wander and it always helps when I’m trying to come up with ideas and ideal scenarios. Find what helps you escape your own mind.


One of my favourite things to do with my own time is travel and see new places, but also revisit the places I love. I have the full support of my team at Menagerie, and after how not slowing down effected me at the beginning of this year, I’ve started to take my health in consideration more and make time to relax. While seeing the world and the beauty it has to offer, I also can’t get enough of indulging in all the wonderful food and cocktails. Market research in hospitality is never dull, and who can turn down a good cocktail and beautiful sunset? I know I certainly can’t.


Going away this month also helped me show to me nearest and dearest that I am learning to find my work-life balance. I’m still carving my path and growing my business, but all without sacrificing the ‘me’ time. It’s always amazing to look back and see where all your hard work has led you to but always remember to invest time in yourself, because without being at your best, you won’t achieve the greatness you set out for.

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